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Effective: 2/15/1995

Revised: 9/15/2003

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[ASU logo] CAM 002: Table of Exhibits

Some manual exhibits are available only in PDF format. An Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in is required to view these PDF files. See our main policies and procedures page if you require this plug-in.

Approach to Developing a ManualCAM 102A
Completed Sample FormCAM 302–03A
Completed Sample Form with InstructionsCAM 302–03B
Rotated Exhibit Replacing TextCAM 302–03E
Rotated Exhibit Supplementing Text, with Completed Sample FormCAM 302–03D
Sample DirectoryCAM 401–02D
Sample Forms Exhibit with Centered CaptionsCAM 302–03C
Sample IntroductionCAM 401–02C
Sample Lists with Appropriate Indentation of Numbers and of TextCAM 402–02B
Sample Manual Assignment Page: Comptroller’s Office Policies and Procedures ManualCAM 401–02A
Sample Manual Assignment Page: Student Affairs Policies and Procedures ManualCAM 401–02B
Sample TableCAM 402–02C
Sample Table of Contents PageCAM 202–01A and >CAM 202–01B, Sample Table of Contents Page (Cont.)
Secondary Headings and Text IndentationsCAM 402–02A

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