CAM 001: Introduction

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Effective: 2/15/1995

Revised: 9/15/2003

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Welcome to Academic and Administrative Documents’ book on how to write and produce a manual, Creating Administrative Manuals (CAM). This manual was originally created to assist departments in creating small internal policy and procedure manuals. It contains tips and methods for establishing, organizing, writing, and editing such manuals, and should be useful to anyone associated with these activities. Like the ASU administrative manuals, this was originally published in a paper-print edition and distributed to classes conducted on how to develop a desk manual. Although we no longer conduct such classes, we have received requests for copies of CAM, which is no longer in print. The CAM manual is now available to the university community on the Internet, but readers should understand that the original formatting to produce a paper-print manual does not translate easily to the Web. Therefore, we have provided ample exhibits that illustrate how such a manual would appear.

AAD is available for informal consultation with university administrative units on the development and maintenance of internal manuals, such as departmental or desk manuals. AAD can be contacted at 480/965-2320, or mail code 4211. We are located in Tempe Center Suite 195.