Academic Affairs Manual (ACD)

Effective: 7/1/2016

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ACD Manual Revision Notice Table

ACD 112–01: Academic Consitution and Bylaws. Revised with addition of Research and Creative Activities Committee to Bylaw II section.

ACD 124: University Employee Recognition Program. Revised to update Applicability section.

ACD 126: Reference Check and Background Verification. Revised to update references.

ACD 401: Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation. Revised to update language to be consistent with existing law and regulations.

ACD 402: Romantic or Sexual Relationships Between Faculty Members and Students. Revised to update Cross Reference section, adding SPP 815, Romantic or Sexual Relationships Between Employees/Volunteers and Students.

ACD 405: Individuals with Disabilities. Revised to update language under "Inability to Perform Essential Functions" section.

ACD 710: Parental Leave with Pay. Revised to update section relating to Stillbirth.


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